Monalisa Roque
Julia Montes as Mona Ikaw Lamang
Also known as Mona
Date of birth March 15, 1954
Date of death July 6, 1984
Age 10 (1964)
21 (1975)
30 (1984)
Gender Female
Relations Guadalupe Roque (Sister)
Elena Hidalgo (Mother-in-Law)
Eduardo Hidalgo (Father-in-Law)
Damian Severino (Grandfather-in-Law)
Trinidad Severino (Grandmother-in-Law)
Samuel Hidalgo (Husband)
Gabriel Hidalgo (Son)
Show Information
Portrayed by Julia Montes
Xyriel Manabat (Young)
First appearance Episode 1
Last appearance Episode 100

Monalisa Roque-Severino or Mona is Guadalupe's sister and Samuel's ex-wife.


Mona has a long crimped-wavy hair with braid now short curly hair with bangs during her childhood days and her adolescence. During the 1984 era, Mona cut her hair into short until her death. At first Mona appeared as a darked skinned person which some but as time passes her skin got fairer.


She is a positive person especially to Samuel but she can be negative to people whom she hates like what she did to Isabelle, Franco and their families.






During a campaign, Samuel and his family where in a car and suddenly got attacked by Maximo's minions. Mona was shot. She was directly brought to the hospital. Mona died of a cardiac arrest after she spoke the last words to Samuel.


Samuel SeverinoEdit

Mona has a strong admiration to Samuel. She sacrifice herself to him while Samuel is in a relationship with Isabelle. While Isabelle and Franco got married, Samuel forced himself to love her. Mona got pregnant to him. Samuel decided to marry her and have a family.


  • This is Julia Montes' third time to team up with Coco Martin.
  • Julia Montes was rumored to play the role of Natalia even though she already exits from Ikaw Lamang.
  • Julia Montes cried while watching Mona's death in Ikaw Lamang.
  • It was seen that Mona died on July 6, 1984.
  • Mona's time of death was at 3:05 PM, according to the doctor in episode 100.
  • Fans of mona thought that Agot Isidro could perfectly fit the role as older mona while some viewers thought that mona will still be included in book 2.