The 1964 Arc
Title The 1964 Arc
Year(s) 1964
Episodes 1-5
Era Guide
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The 1964 Arc is the first arc of the Ikaw Lamang series. In this Arc, it features the childhood of the main protagonists of the series.


In the era of the sugar industry boom in the small town of Salvacion, two children from opposite sides of society will meet: the young Samuel Severino and Isabelle Miravelez. Samuel is the son of an “obrero” Elena Severino, while Isabelle is the daughter of wealthy couple Gonzalo and Rebecca Miravelez. Through Isabelle, Samuel meets Franco Hidalgo, the son of wealthy “hacienderos” Miranda and Eduardo Hidalgo. A natural-born farmer, Samuel teaches Franco how to plant sugar cane and in return, Franco teaches Samuel how to read.

One night, a wild fire strikes the sugarcane field. Amidst the tragedy, Samuel is able to save Isabelle. However, with the influence of his grandfather Maximo Salazar, Franco claims he was the one who saved Isabelle. Relentless in their pursuit to know the truth as to who was behind the fire, Gonzalo was able to pinpoint a farmer as the culprit. To prove that the farmer was innocent, Samuel reveals that he was there when the fire happened and told everyone that he was the one who saved Isabelle. This ignites a rivalry between Samuel and Franco.


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