The 1975 Arc
Year(s) 1975-1976
Episodes 6-83
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The 1975 Arc is the second story arc of Ikaw Lamang series. After studying in London, Isabelle and Franco returned to Salvacion. The romance between Samuel and Isabelle has started


After studying in London, Isabelle and Franco return to Salvacion. Meanwhile, Mona Roque, the loyal friend and a secret admirer of Samuel, also returns to Salvacion from Manila where she studied. Samuel, on the other hand, continues his fight for the injustices against the Obreros. In the midst of this social turmoil, love develops between Samuel and Isabelle, to the consternation of Franco and Mona.

A planned elopement and wedding between Samuel and Isabelle was foiled by Gonzalo, in favor of Franco. Samuel was abducted. To save him, Isabelle agrees to marry Franco. Heartbroken, Samuel starts a new life with Mona. Mona bears a son with Samuel named Gabriel, while Isabelle and Franco are blessed with a daughter named Natalia. Things get worse when Eduardo reveals that he is the father of Samuel.