The 1984 Arc
Year(s) 1984
Episodes 84-111
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The 1984 Arc is the third story arc of Ikaw Lamang series. Franco Hidalgo became a governor of Salvacion.


Samuel decides to run against Franco as Governor of Salvacion, who was then the corrupted Mayor of their town. During the election, Mona is killed in an ambush ordered by Maximo, and Franco wins the election through cheating.

Isabelle gives birth to Andrea. However, Franco believes the child is Isabelle’s illegitimate child with Samuel. Franco abuses Isabelle and uses his children to keep her from leaving.

To save Isabelle from Franco’s battering, Samuel plans to flee to Manila with Natalia and Andrea.

Franco learns of the plan and manages to get Natalia from Isabelle. On the night of their elopement, Franco plants a bomb on the ship where Samuel, Isabelle and their families are taking going to Manila. The bomb explodes, killing Elena, Mamang, Papang, Rebecca and Gonzalo and many more. Samuel, Isabelle, Gabriel and Andrea find themselves losing their beloved ones and separated by fate.


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